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GameDate brings like-minded individuals together by creating a first date experience like no other. Our patented technology creates a location based dating application that allows users to search events within a certain mile radius of their location, invite potential dates, interact with the dates to narrow their choice down to one person and through our partnership with ticket exchange network “SeatGeek” purchase tickets to the event. GameDate provides the perfect platform to make sure that everyone’s next event is shared with someone special.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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Finally, an app with the free support of an entire team of fitness coaches! Suitable for all ages and all stages of fitness, the Free Daily Workout App is a 365-day progressive challenge designed to help you get up and move! Challenges begin with as little as one rep of many exercises. Supplemental Targeted Challenges help you give attention to trouble spots and build core strength. Just set the built-in recurring alarm to a convenient time so you never forget to check in and improve yourself. Once you feel ready to tackle a full-blown workout program a coach will help you graduate out of the app and into a monthly challenge group for real results!

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Welcome to BizzTrip – Your Business Trip Record Keeper and Organizer BizzTrip is an ideal business tool for professionals looking to save time and effort with the task of tracking their expenses and recording their job/activity. KEY FEATURES: Budget Management: Stay in control and monitor your expense with BizzTrip’s built-in budget tracker. You can always see how much you have spent versus your budget and we will display an alert when you have reached the limits you set. You may also turn this feature off at any time.

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Tunes Teaching Toddlers

Tunes Teaching Toddlers ABCDE has everything your little one needs to learn all the letters in the alphabet and their sounds. Beginning to recognize letter sounds is the first step in learning to read. Designed for ages 0-5, children will appreciate the bright colorful interface, predictable sing along song, and engaging graphics. Parents will not only enjoy that their little one is learning critical phonics skills, but also how easy the application is for their child to navigate on their own. As a letter is chosen, three pictures are revealed that begin with that letter. Children can choose any of the pictures, listen to the song, and watch the fun animation. Giving the choice of three pictures allows children more opportunity to practice these important initial sounds that they will need for future reading success.

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Having the default Emoji Keyboard is great, but now you can upgrade your iPhone Keyboard and start using Emoji in a whole new way. We guarantee you will get a “lol” response and a real smile when using one of the 1000+ Emoji options. We are so confident that we ask you to only refer us if someone laughs. Too easy? Ok, If someone asks you in some way how you sent a special Emoji…then please refer us. It is going to happen. SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER: For each referral we will make you your own customized Emoji, Animated Emoji or video GiF file that you can save to your keyboard and send whenever the time is right. Just a small way for us to say {insert animated Emoji holding Thank You sign} for spreading the LOLs!